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So, we have drawn the competition and the winner was No 37 Harriet Rose Grant.


So, thought I would do a small piece on reasons why we did the competition and how we completed the draw.

As a newish shop in an area of Sheffield that hasn’t had a guitar shop the purpose was to get people in the shop and using the web site so people can experience the type of service we are trying to offer.

We decided that to enter the competition a purchase was necessary, reasoning behind this is we were not just chasing Facebook likes etc, we wanted the guitar to be appreciated.


We had far more shop entries than online entries, so we mixed up the online entries evenly with the shop entries assigned numbers to every person placed the numbers in the random generator and No 37 came out, simple.

If anyone wants a copy of the draw, we have it on file along with the full list of entrants.


Would we do the competition again? Yes, if anyone has suggestions for prize or how to better run the competition, we are open to suggestions.

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