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Overview of service

Not only a new web site but we are a new Guitar shop for Sheffield, we are trying to be a little bit different, from our brands to our in-house repair and set up.

First our brands, I will go into more detail over the next few Issues so this is just a general outline on why we have decided to stock certain guitars, WARNING we are big Duesenberg fans and if you see, touch, play any Duesenberg you will be to, if you’ve never tried one I encourage you to pop down and have a look and see why some of the best guitarist in the world are now playing Duesenberg.

Next up Godin Canadian made hi quality guitars, classic designs with a few extra twist and highly rated, check out the back issue of the guitarist magazine issue 440  with the summit classic SG Matte green 9/10, affordable high quality guitars, we also have in stock the only A5 Ultra made for Metallica’s helping hands concert one of only 5 made and the only one in the UK.

Ernie Ball by Music man

Great quality guitars will specked out at a good price, playability is always good and if its not just how you like it let us know and we will set it up just how you like it, this service is free for all guitars bought from Gatling Guitars


Not the most glamorous name in the guitar world but if you consider the Cort factory also manufactures many of the world’s guitars for other brands you can’t go far wrong buying a Cort and your wallet will enjoy the experience as well.

We also have an extensive acoustic range just like the electric guitars we also have something’s not always seen in local guitar shops.

Cole Clark

Made in Australia to the highest specification these are truly works of art made from sustainable native woods and aimed at the performing guitarist with their innovative pick up system and unique build.


Seagull and Art and Lutherie

The acoustic side of Godin Guitars again all made in Godin’s Canadian factory high quality guitars to last a lifetime of playing

Baton Rouge

Not a big name in the UK but when we were first stocking up they just blew us away for how well they played you would expect them to be priced at twice what they are, for all you tappers out their they have a dual input to independently manage tapping against playing just search Baton Rouge in You tube and see the artist playing these great guitars.



Not to forget the nylon string Guitars Ortega build beautiful professional musicians instruments to student instruments and some great Ukuleles.



We have an on-site works shop that you can see form the showroom come and ask us what project we are working on at the minuet we love talking guitars, we can quote you  anything form a quick set up to refretting and all your upgrade needs we also undertake custom work and major repair work.


So, come and have a look, free easy parking and we are open 7 days.


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