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Gatling Custom Guitars

Here at Gatling, we can now offer full custom guitars builds, starting from £900!

As we hand make guitar, we don’t charge for left or righthand guitars


Price guide

From £900 (left or right hand)

Bolt on neck, Wilkinson hardware and pickups, colour choice , rosewood or maple fret board


From £1,100 (left or right hand)

Bolt on neck, fishman Fluence pickups, Gotoh Hardware colour choice


From £1500 (left or right hand)

Set neck


Further upgrades

Finishing: sparkle, Pearl, Ghost Candy, Custom Graphics

Build: 3 piece/5 Piece necks, scarf joint, carve top.  block and custom inlays

Pickups: we stock Fishman and Wilkinson but can fit any pickup of choice


Timber we have in stock Basswood, London Plane, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Rosewood, Padauk, Zebrano, Australian silky Oak.


All work is completed in our workshop from timber preparation to Spraying and final set up. As standard we use high end Polyurethane finishes in our professional spray booth so if you prefer a  Nitrocellulose finish just let us know. 


 Up from £900 to £1500 you get the options of a set neck guitar (3 piece/5 Piece necks), binding, block inlays, upgraded hardware (Gotoh, Fishman Fluence) and special colours (Sparkle, 3 tone bursts, Pearl, Ghost Candy, Custom Graphic).

If there’s not the hardware or pickups you want in our stock, we’re happy to use any that you’ve bought, or we can source what you’re looking for.

Standard Wood Choices at the minute are Bass wood, Cherry, London Plain, For the bodies and maple or mahogany for the neck. Fret boards are ether maple or rose wood. Some exotic woods like paduk and zebrano we can use for multi piece necks, fretboards, tops.


A guitar is a personal thing so best to get in touch or come down to the shop to talk through exactly what you want for what sort of price range you’re looking at.