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D'addario RE-String Day

Adam (Fretted Specialist for D'Addario) will be on hand to chat to you about all things strings. He'll help you to navigate materials and gauges and provide the best set of strings for your instrument, FREE OF CHARGE. This includes our brand new XT range of strings.

Choices are limited to NYXL and XT for electric and bass guitars, and XT  Phosphor Bronze or 80/20 Bronze for acoustic guitars.

Go to the link for the booking form below



New Strings Aren't included in the price. Your welcome to supply your own strings.

Standard Setup £40


Adjustments of

Truss Rod

String Action Height


Nut Slot

Leveling up to 2 Frets

Fingerboard Clean & Oil

Fret Dress £60


Standard Setup

Fret Dress & Polish

Fret Level £80



Leveling All Frets


Frets Polished

Refret Work

Unbound Fretboard £130

Bound FretBoard £150

Re-Laquer Neck £50

Fretless Conversion £140

Stainless Frets +£20


Pickup Installation From £40

Full Re Wiring From £40

Individual Part Replacement from £10+Price of parts

Routing Modifications

From £50


Bolt on Body

Strip & Finish From £400

Set Neck

Strip & Finish From £650

Prepped Body

From £270